Employee skill Development

Employee skill Development

Business profitability, growth and sustainability is largely depend on the productivity of it’s manpower. Hiring and training skill manpower is a tough and costly task. Employees need to upskill with regular and efficient training inputs. We offer 360° training support to growing organisations in ensuring efficient coaching and handholding to each employee during various learning stages. Reiteration

  • Structured and Regular "Recognition Programs in form of 'Certificates, Badges, Monitory Rewards based on client's recommendations to improve manpower retention and prevent rehiring cost
  • Reinforcement trainings based on gaps identified during progress evaluation stage
  • Regular knowledge and skill assessments in form of 'On line quiz, role play, On the Job Assessment to evaluate employee proficiency
  • Regular 'Reiteration' trainings on advance skills like sales conversion, referrals, Customer Relationship Management to ensure sustainable business with high customer satisfaction
  • Usage of Micro Learning tools like 'Daily Nuggets to ensure high level of knowledge retention
  • Induction program on products, processes and skills to build and sustain employee confidence
  • Experiential learnings inform of role plays, debate, interview etc to grasp hands on experience on various aspects of business like client management, objection handling negotiation
  • Post training assessment and certification to evaluate knowledge retention
Employee skill Development

Frequently Asked questions

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Skill development program Is exclusively designed to train and ensure quick productivity of new joined employees at the organisation. This program is specially crafted for the organisations who want to deliver class apart employee orientation programs at optimum cost. We will design and deliver orientation programs for the employees with the batch size between 5 to 25 employees. We will bill our clients only for the days consumed for the training. This way organisations can save fixed costs of in-house trainers and at the same time bring industry expertise to the training program.

We incorporate our signature 'Three Intelligences' model where the impact of the training will start from spiritual level and then percolate down to emotional level and to functional level. This way we ensure high knowledge and skill retention and thereby we ensure fast and enhanced workforce productivity.

This program ensures periodic and scalable improvement in the productivity of focused staff. The average time to boost productivity may vary between 90 days to 180 days depending on complexity of the job role and types of assignments performed by the focus employees.

Any functions where the results are measurable, and processes are defined can be covered under this program. High impact functions for this program are sales, customer relationship management, post sales service staff, call centre etc.

The exemplary results can be achieved by this program by implementing right alignment between change agent and team leader of the focus team. The support of the focused group is inevitable to bring success to the program.